Engineered Wood


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Fresh 3-Layer Wood Panels

These engineered wooden panels are perfect for use in design led, interior joinery projects such as our bespoke kitchens. They come in a variety of species including oak, maple, beech, walnut, ash, birch and cherry. They can also be supplied with a range of textured finishes, such as brushed oak, sand blasted oak and rough cut oak. The combination of beautiful timber selection, along with the superior stability, means that these are the perfect material for high quality fit out projects. The central wooden layer always runs 90 degrees to the top layers to help ensure stability of the wooden panel.


Reclaimed 3-Layer Wood Panels

Our reclaimed wood panels are produced in a variety of reclaimed timbers, such as spruce, pine, fir and oak. Each panel has been produced from antique timbers, reclaimed from old buildings during renovation or demolition. To give added stability the boards are formed into a 3-layer panel. The antique timbers provide a wonderful decorative character to specialist joinery projects, retail fit-outs or high end kitchens.


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Querkus is a real Oak veneered panel. The standard panel consists of a real Oak veneer 0.6 - 1.0mm pressed onto both sides of a sheet of moisture resistant MDF. There are many advantages of using MDF as a core material, unlike a fully solid wood panel MDF is stable and can be used as high doors/panels without the risk of it twisting and going out of shape like a solid wood door/panel would.

We cut this raw panel into the desired sizes for your doors, drawers, etc and then edge-band it with the matching real wood veneer to produce a door or drawer front that looks just like a solid wood piece, you would never know this isn’t a solid wood door.

Querkus is available in Natural, Retro, Vintage and Smoked options with 3 different shades each.