Materials and Design

Here you will find a fantastic list of materials we currently use.

We are always looking at new materials so that means you are not just limited to these. Let us know if there is something you have in mind, this maybe a specific material or possibly a pinterest image of a kitchen you love, we will do our utmost to find out what that material is and help give you the design and look you are dreaming of.


Ply drawer box.jpg

Birch Plywood

Plywood is manufactured from thin layers of wood veneer which are glued together at 90 degrees from each other (called cross-graining). This reduces the risk of the wood expanding and shrinking, provides improved dimensional stability and it makes each panel very strong across all directions.

We think plywood is an amazing material both to work with and to look at, thats why we decided to make all our carcasses and standard drawer boxes out of it (solid oak drawer boxes also available). This fantastic material does not only have to be used for your unit internals however but if you love it as much as we do you could use it for your unit fronts as well.

Birch Plywood is also available with different exterior finishes, so why not use Oak or Walnut veneered birch plywood for that extra wow in certain units, such as a large pantry, breakfast cupboard or drinks cupboard.


Corian is a solid surface material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate and is primarily used as a worktop surface, though it has many other applications. We not only love using it as a worktop material but also as cupboard doors and drawer fronts. We can book-match Corian as long as 3.5m, you can see an example of this in our Harrogate show kitchen.

You can make lengths of worktop as long as you want without a join, it is non-porous so will not stain, can be moulded into sinks, is easily and cheaply repairable, etc. If you require any detailed information about Corian or similar materials please get in touch with ourselves or our sister company Seamless Solid Surfaces who are experts in acrylic worktops.




Metals have many different uses in your kitchen, you can use them to clad canopy hoods, doors and drawers, shelves, as a handless rail, plinth, fridge surround, splashback, worktop, etc. If a full metal kitchen is a bit too bling then why not add splashes of metal in certain areas to create that little attention drawer and wow factor.

All our metal finishes as standard are sealed with bees-wax for protection, this protects the finish but also allows the patina to contiune to develop over time. We can seal with a matt laquer to preserve the initial finish if you prefer.


Valchromat is a wood fibre panel which is coloured throughout and engineered for high physical performance. The fibres are individually impregnated with organic dyes and chemically bonded by specifically developed resins that give the panels their special properties. Manufactured in different colours, dimensions and thicknesses this material we feel is perfect for kitchen units and even kitchen carcasses.

We have found people love the texture and slightly speckled finish Valchromat has due to the wood fibres used in its contruction.

Valchromat colours.jpg



Querkus is an real Oak veneered panel. The standard panel consists of a real Oak veneer 0.6 - 1.0mm pressed onto both sides of a sheet of moisture resistant MDF. There are many advantages of using MDF as a core material, unlike a solid wood panel MDF is stable and can be used as high doors/panels without the inevitability of it twisting and going out of shape like a solid wood door/panel would.

We cut this raw panel into the desired sizes for your doors, drawers, etc and then edge-band it with the matching real wood veneer to produce a door or drawer front that looks just like a solid wood piece, you would never know this isn’t a solid wood door.

Querkus is available in Natural, Retro, Vintage and Smoked options with 3 different shades each.